A Lone Man Is A Lone Wolf.

A very independent or solitary person. But s/he isn’t necessarily lonely.

Mostly, if not all the time, lone wolves emerge suddenly out of their parks. Parks made of immediate family, acquittances, or out of blood lines; blood lines that date back to time memorial. Out of these parks, there comes a second when things change, always for the better or worse.

Lone people always prefer the ‘alone’ type of life. Not necessarily at birth, but later in between the life cycle, after life occurances . Just like in a park of ten, life ends in the nine then boom, there is a birth of one lone wolf. A wolf that will live the rest of it’s life solo. Becomes self-motivated by default! This’s a person who’s ever positive about anything that seems to be bringing negativity around, or close to their bounderies. They’re self-motivated to the point of obsession and they don’t feel the need for others to tell them whether what they’re doing makes sense or not.

Because in there strong heart they know it does.

This person never wait around for others to be ready. They get going on their own terms and and conditions. Run with the ball past the finish line. Cause every finish line is the beginning of a new race.

“In literature, lone wolves are often aloof and emotionally unable or unwilling to directly interact with other characters in the story. A stereotypical lone wolf will be dark or serious in personality; they are often taciturn and distinguished by their reserved nature.” Yes! You read that right, TACITURN. Reserved or uncommunicative in speech; from saying little, to saying nothing, even in a heated up conversation.

Another stun is, this kind of people think for themselves and have a creative and unique mind. They approach issues from there own angle and they work through challenges in their personal and professional life in there very own innovative way.

We must first stop the assumption that a lone wolf personality is a bad thing.

Some creative people bring amazing results to the table when their individuality is allowed to operate freely. We shouldn’t overlook people with this personality type when opportunities present themselves. A lone wolf can be an amazing leader.

A preference for working alone doesn’t mean there isn’t the skill needed to work in teams!

Stay alarmed!

Stay woke!

For these kind of people don’t make sounds about their moves or plans. They keep you wrong guessing. A right guess about their life is an abomination. Who likes abominations anyway? You? Haha… Then catch them down. Once they note that you’ve quit focusing on self and have fully/partially embarked on(fully armored) focusing on their issues, they’ll play along and within a short period, you get all your vital organs in a ditch. A ditch that most likely, was originally dug by you. Mouth agape, eyes popped out cause they(eyes) can’t quite understand how they missed the vision, and afforded to mislead a whole being like YOU. You get shocked cause in your armor starter pack, you never installed shock absorbers. That’s it. VICTORY.

Small talk is often common place in social settings, and while you know it’s typical, you don’t particularly care for it.

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